do you ever have those days and or nights where you’re just craving a person. like a person maybe you don’t have a specific name or face to put on this person but you just want a person to wake up with or take naps on. someone who always finds that one black sock you consistently manage to lose and knows what songs you want to listen to while driving in the car. someone who presses themselves to you with replete lips and a warm mouth like they’re a rubber stamp that’s running out of ink and they just want to leave their mark.

but that person is not yet someone you’re familiar with so you just sit with this human shaped ache in your chest that you don’t even know how to begin to fill. 

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what do we say to the god of death?

me: sean bean is that way

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[Sophie Turner on Sansa Stark ] She’s so intelligent, and I can’t stress that enough. Courtesy is a lady’s armor. She’s using her courtesy to deceive people, and she’s using her former self as a facade, and it works so much to her advantage, because people still think she’s this naive, vulnerable, little girl, and she’s really not. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows what game she’s playing! And no one else does. And she’s learned from the best — Cersei, Margaery, Tyrion, Littlefinger, even Joffrey. She’s learned so much from these people, and they don’t even realize it. They’re unwittingly feeding her to become this great kind of manipulator. King’s Landing can either make or break a person, and in Sansa’s case, it’s making her.

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Peter Dinklage sums up Game of Thrones in under a minute.

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I’m going to start applying this to everyday life.

But did you die?!

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"One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time."

— Carl Sagan (via maxkirin)
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                The universe is rarely so lazy.
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"If you care about your brother you’ll get in this car."

"Which brother?"


Cersei keeps pedaling

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Game of Thrones meme - nine characters - [4/9] - Arya Stark

"I’m not a lady, I’m a wolf.”

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make me choose  ansellelgort asked: troian or lucy?

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Alright, these are kinda adorable…

Much-MUCH better than sad, tortured, & unfortunate Wee Ones staring at the camera hopelessly. THIS might actually help THEM find homes too.

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